Procedures for Issuing Out-Going Subaward Agreements

Department User Subaward Initiation

➤ In Workday, Department User will initiate a supplier contract, attach necessary documents, including budget and scope of work, and enter the required info.

➤ In Workday, Department User will submit the supplier contract for approval, beginning the routing process.

DCG Subaward Team

➤ Once the Department User has completed their requisition responsibilities in Workday, an automated email will be sent to a designated Subaward Officer(s) notifying them that the Subaward Agreement or Amendment is ready to process, along with detailing the Supplier Contract Number (SCON).

➤ The Subaward Officer will login to Cayuse SP (SP) and navigate to the Subaward Form under the appropriate Active award. Then click “+ Add A Subaward” and enter the relevant SCON into the Supplier Contract Number field.

➤ SP will then integrate with Workday and pull the Workday information related to the subaward record. Note: This integration may take up to five minutes.

➤ After the integration occurs the Subaward Officer will return to the subaward record and verify all information required to process a Subaward Agreement or Amendment has been provided by the Department User.

➤ The Subaward Officer will populate any tabs that were not automatically populated into the subaward record by Workday and SP, including:

    • Award Action Type
    • Amendment or Modification Number (if applicable)
    • Subrecipient PI Name / Address / Phone / Email
    • Subrecipient Central Contact Name / Address / Phone / Email
    • DCG Contact Email
    • Authorized Official Name / Phone / Email
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • FFATA
    • Risk Analysis
    • F&A Rate

➤ If the required Subaward Agreement, or (TBD)

➤ If all information is correct, the Subaward Officer will draft a Subaward Agreement using the appropriate template:

    • FEDERAL. Subawards off Federal Grants will use the FDP Subaward Template located at:
    • INDUSTRY. Industry funded Subaward will utilize the most current Industry template located in the X:drive.

➤ Once the Subaward Agreement has been assembled and reviewed for errors or omissions, the Subaward Agreement is emailed to the subrecipient’s designated POC(s), along with the following docs as appropriate:

➤ The USC PI and/or Department Administrator is cc’d on the email to the Subrecipient.

➤ It is the Subaward Officer’s responsibility to draft and send the Subaward Agreement, unsigned, to the Subrecipient upon receiving a Workday approval request for requisition email. Further, the Subaward Officer should update the appropriate spreadsheet to reflect that the Subaward was sent out and insert dates sent out in the proper field.

➤ Negotiate revisions requested by Subrecipient. The Principal Investigator and the Department Administrator will be notified of current negotiations via email on at least a bi-weekly schedule. Specifically, the Principal Investigator should be contacted to secure approval regarding any proposed changes to the budget, statement of work, or reporting requirements.

➤ Upload all emails and relevant documents to subaward record Attachments tab and update Spreadsheet to reflect all ongoing negotiations.

➤ Upon receipt of the partially executed Subaward Agreement, the Subaward Officer will review the document to ensure it is congruent with the agreed upon changes.

➤ The Subaward Officer will also review the following, as applicable, and ensure that they are complete and there are no compliance problems that will prevent moving forward with the Subaward:

    • Subrecipient Award Certification Form
    • Single Audit report
    • F&A rate agreement
    • Audit Certification and Financial Status Questionnaire

➤ As required under 2 CFR 200.331 (b), in order to assess the risk of the Subaward we utilize the Risk Assessment Questionnaire (RAQ)

    • If a Subaward is designated as high or medium risk the DCG Subaward Officer will send an email to the appropriate party for each school notifying them of the risk designation and the DCG recommendations on possible additional terms they may consider adding to the Subaward to mitigate the identified risks.

➤ Upon completion and review of the above, the Subaward Agreement is countersigned by the appropriate Subaward Officer and a fully executed Subaward Agreement is emailed to the subrecipient’s designated POC(s).

➤ Once the fully executed Subaward Agreement is sent to the Subrecipient the Subaward Officer will log onto SP and upload the fully executed Subaward Agreement to the subaward record under the attachments tab.

➤ The Subaward Officer will then update the Status tab to “Active.”

➤ The Subaward Officer will then go into Workday, where the fully executed Subaward should be populated, and complete the Workday approval. Thereafter, the Department will receive an automated email from Workday.

➤ The Subaward Officer will upload all emails and relevant documents to subaward records attachments tab and update Spreadsheet to move the item to completed.

➤ Subaward record attachments tab uploads should include the following, as applicable:

    • FFATA Report
    • Single Audit Report or Audit Certification and Financial Status Questionnaire
    • Risk Analysis
    • F&A Rate Agreement
    • Fully Executed Subaward Agreement
    • Exceptional Approval (institutional approval for high risk sites)
    • Subrecipient Certification Form or FDP Expanded Clearinghouse profile
    • SOW
    • registration
    • Any relevant correspondence