Getting Started

DCG provides services and support to the USC research community through our teams supporting each School and/or Research Institute.  Refer to the DCG Directory to identify the team and individuals supporting your Unit.

Sponsored Project Development and Submission

DCG facilitates the submission, acceptance, and management of sponsored projects for USC investigators and their staff.

We are responsible for:

  • Reviewing proposals for completeness and compliance with agency and university requirements (nontechnical)

  • Approving and endorsing proposals on behalf of the University

  • Submitting proposals to agencies

  • Managing electronic systems for proposal preparation, institutional approval, and submission to agencies

Roles & Responsibilities

Do you know who is responsible for ensuring:

  • the proposal package is complete?

  • the Cayuse SP Proposal Record is routed and approved?

  • the proposal is submitted to DCG?

  • the proposal is submitted to the sponsor?

The Responsibilities Matrix describe all activities in the lifecycle of a sponsored project and generally who is responsible for the activity.